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30 December 2006 @ 11:31 pm
Reframe for You know who you are  

So when you say you need to hang out with people who you purportedly do not like, because it is important for you to surround yourself with people who do not think like you (presumably narrow minded ignoramuses, possibly republicans, likely politically apathetic), so that you can more easily 'get by' and cope with the world. And I say that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, here is what I mean:
1) I think life is too short to keep bad company, why waste your time.
2) Why acquire coping skills to allow you to comply with the 'norm' when the status quo is what you say you want to oppose
3) These 'coping skills' only mean mediocrifying yourself and becoming a socially compliant drone, which will then put you into the category of people who I do not want to be around because life is too short, and why waste your time?
4) P.S. don't you see people most of the time who are not like-minded thinkers?, like in your daily life, school, work, walking down the street, on the news, EVERYWHERE!!!!???
5) I get a mild stroke of jealousy when you choose that crowd to hang out with on New Years when I and L.Scott, and your BFF Bri asked to be graced with your company.
6) I think the age of 21 is probably the best time to be selective and choose to radicalize yourself as oppossed to mediocrify yourself, you have the rest of your adult life to do that.

That is all for now but if I think of anything else I will be sure to let you know.

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drink juice & smash the statesweet_dichotomy on December 31st, 2006 11:14 pm (UTC)
ok. I don't feel the need to defend myself, and thus the tone of this response should not be interpreted as defensive. reading this entry makes me feel tragically misunderstood, as though our separate perspectives on both the individual lives and collective life we lead are in no way linear. that's how strongly I do not identify with your remarks. and this makes me sad. however, while many of said remarks refer to other, larger issues, I will give this response to the specific question at hand (my new year's eve plans): as much as I would prefer to spend the night with you, our work schedules make it impossible. so the real choice I was faced with was my high school friends or home in bed. just so that's clear.

talk to you soon. lovelove.