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30 September 2006 @ 01:28 pm
race relations and gender talk  
So Alison and I just got these tickets to go to a two day conference on race relations on college campuses over at Northeastern University. It is so sweet because we got them for free and were the first two to apply for it so we got it. Alison already had her "interview" with the guys in the community service office who gave us the tickets and she says that she thinks they are disappointed that we are white, to which I responded how do they know i'm white, and then I remembered my name. and it doesn't get much whiter than that. but anyway it will be so sweeeeeeeeeet. and we ran into Nancy one of the best teachers ever and we told her we are getting to go to the conference and the whole thing about being white and she said "what race relations?" because we only have tokens, but no real diversity. My program in the grad school is sooooooo white and we have all this stuff about multicultural counseling and diversity but its a big joke, incidentally all my classes this semester are all women. what are the chances??? I guess the field of counseling and human services is dominated by women....just a BIT!!!!!!!!! wow. anyway i doubt that anyone else even offered to go to this conference on race relations even though they are saying they want to make sure we are serious about it because other people have applied to go since us...um sorry but Lesley campus is appallingly inactive, apathetic and unmotivated...in my undergrad experience there at least.... I will admit  I didn't even go to PRISM the gay club after a while because it was so blah......and there are a lot of dykes on campus I will tell you that. ANYWAY i am very excited to go to this conference i am gonna learn learn learn and stir up some shit on campus...woo hoo!
P.S. The Hidden Facets of Gender Inequality: Beyond the Haveli with Bina Agarwal at Kennedy School of Government Radcliffe Building on October 16th at 4pm!!!!!!!!! I have a very exciting life!!! and Indigo girls concert that same night!!!
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